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Lifestyle Nutrition & Health Coaching Adapts To Your Lifestyle


Change is hard at first.  New habits and routines can be implemented in as little as two weeks, but it may take 6 weeks or 6 months.  A health coach works one-on-one with you to help you improve your lifestyle for the better.  A health coach is not a drill sergeant, towering over you, screaming at you while you do abdominal crunches or push ups.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching I serve as your mentor, creating a supportive environment where you can achieve your goals that you created for your own health.  I provide an individualized, unique and supportive environment that allows you to create, foster, and maintain new skills to reach your personal health and life goals.  Ultimately this will improve the balance in your life.

Starting can be challenging, but staying motivated can be difficult at times too.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching we help you recognize and overcome the barriers to developing healthy habits, and routines, so that you can live your best life.  I work with you, right beside you, and on your behalf. 

Nutrition counseling mainly addresses the body, but to truly be healthy you must address the triad - mind, body, spirit.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching I will help you create healthy routines and habits to build a strong mind, body, and spirit so that you can live your best life while improving your health.   I focus on six areas: healthful eating, nutrition, exercise, stress mitigation, sleep and personal relationships. 


The Brain That Is Connected To The Gut

Each of us are more than just our thoughts.  A healthy mind helps to keep a healthy body.  Everyone has stress in their life.  But not mitigating stress from the external and internal environment can have deleterious effects on your health.    Chronic illness and stress increase cortisol levels.  When cortisol levels are elevated for prolonged periods of time you can experience adrenal fatigue.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching I teach you how to think positively, and I help you reframe negative experiences, or thoughts, into positive thoughts.  For example, saying I hope I do well on this test is a negative thought.  Rewording this this phrase to I intend to do well on this test reframes a negative thought into a positive one.  Projecting positive energy enhances your health and life while boosting your immune system.  

Mental health is an important part of living your best life. 
How you think affects your health, and your thoughts are directly linked to the microbiota in your large intestine.  The brain communicates directly with the gut via the vagus nerve, which is known as the gut-brain axisOf the serotonin stored in your body, 90% is stored in the large intestine.  This is why depression is not a disease of the brain. Your large intestine is where your intuition originates, and creates your gut instinct.  


In addressing the mind, I focus on mitigating stress, reframing negative thoughts to positive thoughts, improving thought processing, and improving sleep.  I improve the brain-gut axis.


Fruits & Vegetables That Improve Health

Eating well creates a healthy body that helps to fend off disease, illness and pain.  For example, a deficiency in zinc alters the taste buds so that you eat more sweet and salty foods.  Zinc deficiencies also increase your likelihood of viral infections like the flu and Covid-19.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching I create bio-individualized eating plans that suit your lifestyle and culture while reversing nutritional deficiencies.  

LEAKY GUT is the cause of most, if not all diseases.  Leaky gut syndrome causes cracks in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, our colon, which then allows partially undigested proteins to enter your blood.  This is the root cause of all autoimmune diseases.  EVERYTHING that goes on in your body stems back to or is ROOTED in the health of your digestive tract from depression and arthritis to hemorrhoids. 

I create bio-individualized meal plans for YOU that adapts to your lifestyle and culture.  If you do not want to give up animal products, meat or chicken, my meal plan will help mitigate the effects that those foods have on your body.  My meal plans are diverse, and I do the work for you so that you have more time to focus on your life and what is important to you.    


In addressing the body, I focus on healthful eating and exercise promotion so that you can live your best life.

Sand Gardens Can Heal The Spirit


A healthy diet is not simply eating well.  It matters who you surround yourself with.  A healthy spirit helps give us a better sense of self, and helps to center us in a crazy world.  This can be done in a myriad of ways that include volunteering, community engagement, engaging in yoga or meditation.  But it can also be as simple as performing deep breathing exercises for 1-2 minutes daily after each meal and before bed.  It does not matter what you eat if your body cannot break down the nutrients to their simplest form, and then absorb them.  Deep breathing improves your digestion, and lymph flow, while helping to focus your thoughts and calm you.  This has a positive impact on your body as improving your sense of self, and self-worth, improves your stress and anxiety.  This in turn helps to lower your cortisol levels and boosts your immune system.  At Lifestyle Nutrition and Health Coaching I will teach you how to perform deep breath exercises, and when to do them.     

In addressing the spirit, I focus on you and your relationships.  When addressing the mind-body-spirit triad you cannot address any one without the others.  They are intimately connected as you will learn.  

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